August 31

Strata Council: The Bad and the Ugly

A large portion of new residential developments in Langley, Surrey, and Maple Ridge, are subject to the Strata Property Act. For those of you looking for a new condominium, town-house, semi-detached, or even detached home, pay attention. The stratification of properties is not a new concept in British Columbia. There are several benefits and drawbacks.

August 4

Death After Divorce

Death is a lot like divorce. When couples are separating or divorcing, the last thing on their minds is updating their Wills. This could prove problematic for both parties under the Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA). If you appointed your spouse as an executor, or left them a gift in your will, then the.

July 21

Immigration Matters: When is a child NOT a child?

For many cultures, a child remains a child in the eyes of their parents even when that child has a family of their own. This poses a dilemma for many confronted with the reality that when it comes to sponsoring children to join them in Canada, the child’s age could disqualify them as a child.

July 19

Fair: In Love and Divorce

There continues to persist, a longstanding perception that upon separation or divorce, all family assets are divided 50/50. I must admit, as a starting point, the above is true. However, the Family Law Act allows for unequal division of property and also enshrines a separate, excluded property regime. I will delve into the world of.

June 13

True love? Prove it!

One of the key goals of current Canadian immigration policy is family reunification. Canadian citizens and permanent residents have the ability to sponsor their spouses to join them permanently in Canada. Initially, spousal sponsorship was aimed at reunifying those who came to Canada to work with the families they left behind to support. In today’s.

June 6

Does your ex really get 50%?

Generally speaking, in BC, spouses – married or common law – have a 50/50 entitlement to each other’s assets and property. On the flipside, this 50/50 entitlement also extends to debt regardless of whether your name is on that debt or not, so long as it was incurred during the course of the relationship/marriage! The.

April 6

Trust – But Verify!

Ronald Reagan’s good advice for separating parties Not surprisingly I thought of the advice of the late American, President Ronald Reagan, after providing a family law consultation last week. A woman, who for convenience sake I’ll call Molly, arranged the consultation to discuss obtaining a divorce. Before a judge will issue a divorce in BC,.

December 28


Judge throws book at Mountie Marriage Agreement When the couple first met she was a 27 year old waitress and single mom. He was a 44 year old, soon to be retired Mountie, and father of three. After a relatively brief period of living together the parties decided to marry. It’s not uncommon, or unreasonable,.