December 1

Take a Pill?

Remedies to help reduce your separation anxiety! Some people take pills to help reduce their separation anxiety in spite of all the associated negative medical side effects. But there’s a far more effective non-medicinal remedy available, with no adverse side effects. It starts with understanding your legal rights and obligations. If you happen to be.

November 24

Time to Men-Up!

Why Supporting Men is Good News Men are notoriously poor communicators. Most would prefer to self-amputate a limb rather than share personal thoughts or concerns. All of which may help to explain sky high rates of male suicide and gender inequalities within the family law system. But last week in Toronto something happened which could.

October 8

Zip your Lip – The Sequel

Don’t let loose lips sabotage your success! The kitchentabledivorce approach is one which encourages open, honest and transparent communication between separated spouses as an alternative to costly scorched earth legal proceedings. But there are limits. And as the following real life example demonstrates, talking with your ex before you know your own legal rights can.

March 22

You’ve Just Been Served – Now What?

Just been served with court documents by a burly stranger on behalf of your former spouse? Now what? Follow these three simple, but crucial, steps, and discover what you, and your ex, still have in common. Firstly, take a deep breath and some time to read the documents. But resist the temptation to respond by.

September 24

Cruise Control

Protect your assets like a celebrity! While Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini was recently successful in shielding his financial divorce documents from prying eyes, the same can’t be said for the financial terms surrounding the quickie divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. According to oneUSmedia source, Katie walked away with no spousal support from Tom,.

March 27

Smart Moves – How to Avoid Becoming a Casualty of Divorce!

  Three smart moves to help optimize your chance for shared custody! The first casualty of war is the truth. The first casualty of divorce is access. One of the most contentious, and hugely frustrating, family law problems arising from separation or divorce is (sadly) resolving matters of access. And I’m not referring to those.

January 31

Child Support Matters! A Primer

Important things to know if you’re paying or receiving child support! In my experience providing family law advice to separating or divorcing parents there are rarely questions asked about how much child support is to be paid. After all the Federal Child Support Guidelines have been around for a while, and are simple to use..

September 26


Child Support in Arrears? First comes the SHOCK; “What do you mean I’m in potential arrears of child support?  I haven’t missed a ____( add your own expletive)  payment in over _____ (add your own number) years!” {To calculate potential arrears of child support, ( sometimes called retroactive support) simply calculate what you have paid.

June 7

Failure To Launch!

To no one’s great surprise, especially you and your spouse, you’ve decided to call it quits, and separate. So now how can you both make the most productive use of your time and money, resolve your legal issues, and move on with the next chapter of your lives?? Read on. But first, let’s make several.