April 6

Trust – But Verify!

Ronald Reagan’s good advice for separating parties Not surprisingly I thought of the advice of the late American, President Ronald Reagan, after providing a family law consultation last week. A woman, who for convenience sake I’ll call Molly, arranged the consultation to discuss obtaining a divorce. Before a judge will issue a divorce in BC,.

December 28


Judge throws book at Mountie Marriage Agreement When the couple first met she was a 27 year old waitress and single mom. He was a 44 year old, soon to be retired Mountie, and father of three. After a relatively brief period of living together the parties decided to marry. It’s not uncommon, or unreasonable,.

December 1

Take a Pill?

Remedies to help reduce your separation anxiety! Some people take pills to help reduce their separation anxiety in spite of all the associated negative medical side effects. But there’s a far more effective non-medicinal remedy available, with no adverse side effects. It starts with understanding your legal rights and obligations. If you happen to be.

November 24

Time to Men-Up!

Why Supporting Men is Good News Men are notoriously poor communicators. Most would prefer to self-amputate a limb rather than share personal thoughts or concerns. All of which may help to explain sky high rates of male suicide and gender inequalities within the family law system. But last week in Toronto something happened which could.

September 22

Nightmare On Any Street!

The horror of parental abduction! As Vancouver parent Kris explained, despite a Washington state court order granting him custody of his young son Max, his Japanese born ex-spouse had removed Max from the US and taken him to Japan. His Court Order was not worth the paper it was written on, since Japanese family courts.

March 22

You’ve Just Been Served – Now What?

Just been served with court documents by a burly stranger on behalf of your former spouse? Now what? Follow these three simple, but crucial, steps, and discover what you, and your ex, still have in common. Firstly, take a deep breath and some time to read the documents. But resist the temptation to respond by.

March 11

Words You Don’t Want To hear (From Your Lawyer)!

Really understanding what your lawyer means “That’s a unique (you can also substitute “intriguing” or “interesting”) legal matter,” says your lawyer, smiling wryly. While you’re sitting there smugly assuming this must mean something good, (after all it appears your lawyer is highly entertained) you’d be wrong, and here’s why. Words such as “unique, intriguing and.

October 16

More Stupid Mistakes! – Part 2

  Is moving out of the family home a good idea? Not if you’re the husband, according to US author and family lawyer Joseph Cordell, who devote s a chapter in his book “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce” to the subject. In fact, he makes some compelling arguments. Firstly, if there.

October 8

Holiday Access Blues

  Three helpful tips to avoid the holiday access blues! Holidays, such as this weekend’s Thanksgiving, can be times of great family joy and celebration. But for separated or divorced parents holidays can often be times of great sadness and disappointment. In fact as a family lawyer I’ve found most court applications for access usually.