April 6

Trust – But Verify!

Ronald Reagan’s good advice for separating parties Not surprisingly I thought of the advice of the late American, President Ronald Reagan, after providing a family law consultation last week. A woman, who for convenience sake I’ll call Molly, arranged the consultation to discuss obtaining a divorce. Before a judge will issue a divorce in BC,.

December 28


Judge throws book at Mountie Marriage Agreement When the couple first met she was a 27 year old waitress and single mom. He was a 44 year old, soon to be retired Mountie, and father of three. After a relatively brief period of living together the parties decided to marry. It’s not uncommon, or unreasonable,.

December 1

Take a Pill?

Remedies to help reduce your separation anxiety! Some people take pills to help reduce their separation anxiety in spite of all the associated negative medical side effects. But there’s a far more effective non-medicinal remedy available, with no adverse side effects. It starts with understanding your legal rights and obligations. If you happen to be.

November 24

Time to Men-Up!

Why Supporting Men is Good News Men are notoriously poor communicators. Most would prefer to self-amputate a limb rather than share personal thoughts or concerns. All of which may help to explain sky high rates of male suicide and gender inequalities within the family law system. But last week in Toronto something happened which could.

October 13

Who Needs Legal Advice!

Top Three Excuses! In reverse order of popularity, here are the top three excuses I’ve heard in my own family law practice, why people choose not to get legal advice, when separating or divorcing. Number 3 Why Rock the Boat? “Things are really going ok with my ex, and I don’t want to do anything.

September 14

Damn Lawyers!

Here’s why I won’t meet with both you and your spouse! It happens several times a week. Someone will call my law office and want to set up an appointment with me to discuss separation or divorce, along with their spouse. Our response is always the same. Sorry, no can do. We can only meet.

March 16


What’s the deal with unbundled legal services? Unbundled. It’s not just a term used to describe cable tv and phone services. Nowadays it’s also a term used to describe the delivery of legal services, especially in my own area of legal expertise, family law. Let me explain. Traditionally family law lawyers retained by a party.

September 18

New Family Laws!

When Share and Share Alike Isn’t Fair! Since March of 2013 family law in BC has undergone some fairly radical changes which impact separating couples, especially with respect to the division of family property. First and foremost is the fact that common law couples who separate are subject to the same property sharing regime of.

May 21

Post Traumatic Court Disorder

What is PTCD and what’s the cure? No, you won’t find this particular disorder in the official manual of standard psychiatric disorders. But that doesn’t come as much comfort to thousands of traumatized Canadians, forced to handle their own family law matters. One such self represented litigant coined the phrase to describe her own experience.