April 29

I Got Mediation!

Answer to your prayers? If you know the right questions! Family law mediation can be the answer to help some separated parties settle their disagreements. But in my experience as both a family law lawyer and mediator there remains a considerable amount of confusion and misinformation about the process of mediation, and the roles of.

March 22

You’ve Just Been Served – Now What?

Just been served with court documents by a burly stranger on behalf of your former spouse? Now what? Follow these three simple, but crucial, steps, and discover what you, and your ex, still have in common. Firstly, take a deep breath and some time to read the documents. But resist the temptation to respond by.

January 30

Addicted to Love!

Why love hurts and what you can do about it! Love hurts. In fact, as a recent Suzuki documentary appears to confirm “Addicted to Love” is much more than just a Robert Palmer song title. Actually the way your brain is wired, being in love triggers the same chemical reaction as any other kind of.

December 1

Healthier Choices

How you divorce can effect the future health of your children! I have witnessed firsthand the emotional trauma caused by separation and divorce on my family law clients. That’s the reason I created the kitchentabledivorce.ca support group, with the help and assistance of my spouse. However there’s another affected group often overlooked by parents and.

October 3


NEED DIRECTION WITH YOUR FAMILY LAW CASE? My client and I were meeting around the courtroom table across from my client’s former spouse and her counsel. Apprehension and low expectations were definitely the order of the day. If today’s meeting failed to resolve the seemingly intractable, legal issues, trial dates would inevitably be scheduled. The.

May 30

Scary Statistic!

Two weeks ago Statistics Canada released a Report with some scary statistics for divorcing and separating couples. While the report did mention an overall decline in divorces for the period from 2005 to 2008, what caught my eye was the fact that 25% of divorce files took 2 years, or more, to conclude, which is.