April 6

Trust – But Verify!

Ronald Reagan’s good advice for separating parties Not surprisingly I thought of the advice of the late American, President Ronald Reagan, after providing a family law consultation last week. A woman, who for convenience sake I’ll call Molly, arranged the consultation to discuss obtaining a divorce. Before a judge will issue a divorce in BC,.

December 28


Judge throws book at Mountie Marriage Agreement When the couple first met she was a 27 year old waitress and single mom. He was a 44 year old, soon to be retired Mountie, and father of three. After a relatively brief period of living together the parties decided to marry. It’s not uncommon, or unreasonable,.

December 4


How not to blow your divorce! Sure there was some snickering when Rick Perry blew it during a nationally televised presidential debate. Yet while his self professed “oops” may have doomed his presidential aspirations it also triggered my own “ahah” moment. Let me explain. The same week Rick Perry’s gaff made headlines I met with.

February 28

Common Law Common Sense!

  Shacked up? – Know your legal rights! No – despite what you may have heard, or read,  about last weeks Supreme Court of Canada decision involving common law property rights, the law (at least as I see it) has not been radically changed. What the Court did was provide some common sense guidance to lower.

February 21

What’s in a Name?

  Plenty – so learn how to protect your family assets! One area of family law which does cause considerable confusion and frustration to clients, and family law lawyers alike (including me), involves trying to determine what assets are family assets, and what liabilities are family debts. Why is it so darn important? Because when.

February 15

Separation Agreements-What are they Good For?

  Absolutely everything – If you do it right! I’ve seen it all when it comes to do-it-yourself Separation Agreements. And that is definitely not a good thing. Everything from wrongly crossed out paragraphs, crucial missing provisions, to the use of foreign legal terms downloaded from some other jurisdiction. It all makes me shudder. Nonetheless,.

June 7

Failure To Launch!

To no one’s great surprise, especially you and your spouse, you’ve decided to call it quits, and separate. So now how can you both make the most productive use of your time and money, resolve your legal issues, and move on with the next chapter of your lives?? Read on. But first, let’s make several.

May 30

Scary Statistic!

Two weeks ago Statistics Canada released a Report with some scary statistics for divorcing and separating couples. While the report did mention an overall decline in divorces for the period from 2005 to 2008, what caught my eye was the fact that 25% of divorce files took 2 years, or more, to conclude, which is.

May 9

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

I couldn’t believe my ears when I asked my family law client (I’ll call her Barb) why she had chosen to hire me as her family law lawyer. Naturally, I had assumed that my charm, combined with my razor sharp intellect, had won the day for Barb. Boy was I wrong! (I’m hoping not about.