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When teamwork can reduce the gamble!

When life deals you the crappy cards of separation or divorce you have several options. You can decide to simply fold. Or, you can decide to play the hand you’ve been dealt, and try your best.

In my experience as a family law lawyer trying your best means actually being willing and able to make the most of your partnership with your lawyer. And believe me when I say that if you choose not to, retaining the very best lawyer will not help your case.

Here’s some advice to improve your chances in this all important match.

Divorce Lawyer Langley

Early is Best

As I’ve often stressed in the past the sooner you get effective legal advice the better.

Here’s why.

On several occasions I’ve been consulted by parents, who agreed to accept supervised access, in either a consent order or written agreement (usually because it was the only access they were being offered), before seeing a lawyer.

Unknown to them was the fact that changing access from supervised to some other form of reasonable access, can be extremely challenging, squandering significant time, and cost. Expecting any lawyer to change access terms overnight in the face of determined opposition supported by a supervised access order or agreement is virtually impossible.

Always be Prepared

When you are asked by your lawyer to obtain documents or provide explanations there is likely a very good reason. Failure to produce such material or information can seriously jeopardize your lawyer’s ability to properly prepare for, and effectively represent your best interests.

Follow Orders

Some clients, to their peril, treat the terms of court orders more like suggestions, rather than binding conditions. Bad mistake.

There are few things which anger judges more, or hamstring your own lawyer worse, than choosing to disregard a court ordered term.

I recall a former client of mine who chose to overlook a term in an earlier order. Even though we were now in court dealing with an altogether different matter the judge decided, in a not so favourable judgement, to send the message to the client that court orders are not to be trifled with.

So consider your family lawyer as your partner in this potentially life changing gamble.

If you choose otherwise in the biggest gamble of your life there may be no home to go back to.

With over 25 Years experience – Scott T. Taylor, Collaborative Divorce & Mediation Lawyer, Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam & Greater Vancouver.


I recently used Mr. Scott Taylor as my lawyer. He is very knowledgeable in what he does. I was able to get the advice I needed from him to be able to represent myself in my court hearings regarding child support. I felt prepared and confident going in front of the judge.
Thank you

Going through divorce is one of the most stressful things I have ever had to go through, and finding a lawyer who I trusted was even worse. After wasting thousands of dollars with different lawyers, I was about to give up. This is when I found the Law Office of Scott Taylor.
Immediately upon walking into this office, I was received by a warm welcome from his legal assistant. This did not feel intimidating as what I had been exposed to at the other lawyer’s offices. Moments later, I was sitting with Mr. Taylor in his office, discussing my case. After several minutes I felt very comfortable.
Scott Taylor took the time to sincerely listen to what I had to say, and he had the compassion to provide me with the honest answers I needed. The best way I could describe Scott, would be like a friend. After leaving his office, I felt like I had a close friend going to bat for me.
I would recommend Scott to anyone who needed legal advice.
Thanks Scott!

I was going through 2 years of hell, until I changed lawyers, and went with Scott. Through Scott’s guidance I was able to put an end to my claim, and divorce, in one week. I will highly recommend Scott to anyone.

Mr. Taylor has been a wealth of knowledge throughout my ordeal. He brought new ideas to the table and stood behind them, even when others questioned his efforts.

His professional approach served me and my family very well. He knew exactly when to step forward, and when he could coach me to handle things on my own to help keep my costs down.

Thank you Mr. Taylor for a job well done.


As an emotional wreck, entering his office, I found Scott Taylor very calming, and attentive, to my divorce needs.

He made my divorce painless, and took charge of all that needed to be done.

I tried to do it myself, with the guidance of Scott Taylor, and realized it was in my best interest to have him take over, and I am certainly glad I did.


Mr. Taylor has shown me I am not helpless, with proper guidance, I can take control and understand the legal system and its dynamics! Mr. Taylor has given me the success to know that I can succeed when I take charge

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