How To Calculate Spousal Support

Spousal Support Lawyer – Scott Taylor

Knowledge is power!

So if you’re separating or divorcing, one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools is knowing how much spousal support you’ll be receiving, (or paying), and for how long.

With such invaluable information in hand, it can be incorporated into the spousal support terms of a Separation Agreement, Consent Order, or used in court, to support, or defend, against an order for spousal support.

In certain provinces, such as British Columbia, the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines, generated by DIVORCEmate, which provide a range of monthly spousal support payment, (and duration), are considered to be extremely helpful to the courts in determining the appropriate amount of spousal support.

As a licensee of DIVORCEmate software, I am authorized to provide the spousal support calculations for all provinces in Canada for the price of $61.59, ($54.99 + HST).

Simply fill out the checklist below, and you will be provided, (via e-mail), with a copy of the Spousal Support Advisory Guideline calculations.

Please be advised however, that I am only qualified to provide you with legal advice or assistance for the province of British Columbia. Should you be located in another province of Canada, you should seek legal advice, and assistance from a lawyer qualified in your specific jurisdiction.